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Visit: Camel Racing in Dubai

In the UK we have horse racing and they also do in Dubai, in fact they love horses in Dubai! However they also love their Camels… Camel racing in the Middle East dates back centuries and races are frequently visited by locals and tourists…

Actual glow in the dark bugs light up this abandoned railway tunnel!

Personally, we are just getting over the fact that there’s bugs that can glow in the dark. If there wasn’t photo’s, we’re not sure that we’d even believe it. Whats even better about it, is that they glow in a stunning deep ocean blue colour – just look at those photos below (lots of heart eye emoji’s)…

There’s a hidden heated underground swimming pool in Manchester

Never miss our content! Subscribe to our blog for free and receive all our latest posts, directly to your inbox. Think you know Manchester? Well even if the answer to that question is yes, we have some information that just might change your mind. Although what you think you know isn’t wrong, it’s more of…

European flights from London for under £10

For those unfamiliar with our ‘Destination Inspiration’ posts its our chance to give you a little inspiration of your next travel destination without breaking the bank. After having a look through the best flights to various global destinations we select a few that we feel may tempt you to click book and pack your bags. Here’s what we found this week – let us know if you’ve booked any!

Is this the Portuguese sinkhole an entrance to a parallel universe?

Okay so despite its very fictional appearance, this hole in the middle of Portugals Lagoa da Serra da Estrela is not actually an entrance to a parallel universe. But don’t worry, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking so based on first impressions… In fact, it’s actually a manmade funnel leading directly towards a long tunnel.

Hanging off a Helicopter over Manhattan, New York

Welcome to photo’s Friday, the time of the week when we bring you our favourite photos we’ve found on Instagram. Think you’ve got a good snap that we could use? Well send it too us using the contact form in our menu – good luck and enjoy!